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Price: $45

Explore the wonderful Hoi An river culture and daily life while you immerse yourself in Hoi

An food culture.

This tour isn’t only about eating delicious food, it is about enjoying it the traditional way: “an com gia dinh” literally translated as the family meal, or family eating rice. Sharing a family meal is the foundation of Vietnamese culture.   The real treasure in Vietnamese food isn’t the combination of the dishes, it is about sharing. Communal serving platters prepared for everyone to enjoy, the group sits around the table to share the meal. It is polite and respectful to place food in each other’s bowls: younger to elders and hosts to guests and enjoy long conversation and family time while the meal is eaten. There is no hurry at all. It is about taking time and enjoying each other’s company and hearing the news of the day.

There is no better place to enjoy “an com gia dinh” than on our Chic boats. Our boats are traditional Vietnamese fishing vessels that have been refurbished to the highest standards and designed specifically for cooking and dining on board.

Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest in the world: using fresh ingredients that are low in fat. Enjoy the balanced combination of sweet, savory, crunchy and smooth textures in each dish.

Your tour begins when your US Military jeep collects you at your hotel to take you to the Chic boat.

This tour operates for 3.5 hours. We offer a 10.30am departure for lunch.

Note: Optional activities: 1 hour biking in Duy Hai village, 1 hour kayak or paddling a traditional coracle boat.

Embarking, it is time to relax and enjoy the romance of the river. Perhaps enjoy a glass of wine? Watch the local people go about their daily lives in Tra Nhieu village and explore the river coconut forest.   After exploring the stunning river and its river culture we sit to savor the freshly made dishes “an com gia dinh”. Your meal is accompanied by some of our local wines and to be enjoyed in an unhurried and relaxed manner.   On arrival in Hoi An, your jeep will be waiting to return you to your hotel.


No of pax 1 2 3 4 – 5 6 – 7 8 – 9 Over 10
Price 102 69 60 55 53 50 45


Inclusive of: Chic boat, English speaking escort, pick up & drop off by jeep, lunch, mineral water & wet tissue.

Exclusive of: Tip, personal expenses, VAT tax, travel insurance.


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